What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR, is the removal of dents and dings from vehicle panels without the use of hammering and filling, and no repainting. Today’s automotive metals have what is referred to as memory. It is this memory that gives cars their aerodynamic features. It is also this memory that makes those unsightly dents and dings we get from car doors in parking lots, shopping carts, and hail stones. PDR professionals use these physical properties of today’s flexible metals to restore the memory back to the way it was from the factory. After accessing the backside of the damaged panel, the technician is aided by very graphic lighting, enabling him or her to significantly improve or fully restore the panel to pre-accident condition, in as little as a few minutes per dent.

Is PDR the best repair for severe hail damage?
By far, hail damage is the most effective use of PDR, as most hail damage is very light in nature. However, it is important to realize that severe claims can include panel replacement and more traditional fill and paint methods. Rule of thumb is if a dent is larger than a half dollar, most times it will be fixed with conventional methods instead of PDR.

Why does the PDR process not damage the paint?
Assuming that the dent is able to be removed by PDR, today’s more flexible metals also require flexible paint. Panels must be able to flex in different temperature environments, especially when some panels are metal, some aluminum, and others plastic. Flexible paints are a must have on newer automobiles. Flex agents in the paint makes PDR completely effective without any harm to the finish.

Will I be able to see the repaired dents when complete?
If the repairs were done correctly, absolutely not. Please keep in mind that PDR skilled art and not everyone is as skilled as others.

Could these dents reappear at a later time?
Never. While we can only speak for ourselves, a properly repaired car has no repair issues from the moment you pick it up and inspect it until the day it ends up in the junk yard.


• Retain OEM manufacturer’s finish and warranty
• Insurance companies will warranty a PDR repair
• Eliminate troublesome paint matching
• Much faster repair- as little as one day
• Significantly less expensive repairs
• No filling, sanding, or grinding of panels
• Removal of glass and cutting of factory seals is not needed to perform repairs
• Environmentally friendly- No airborne paints or chemicals used
• Financially friendly- Even in severe cases PDR can be half the price of normal repairs